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Finninja Consulting is an investment and wealth management company. Founded and run by IIM Lucknow alumni, the firm provides an opportunity of investment into international markets. Our team of professional fund managers invests in the global currency markets.

Global currency markets are the largest financial market in the world. At $6 trillion+ currency markets are almost 100x larger than the global equities market. The large volume and active OTC (Over the Counter) market gives a great opportunity for high-risk investors to aim for better ROI on their capital.

Finninja Financial Consulting facilitates this high-risk, high-return trade with professional investment strategies. Our strategies help our investors define their investment size and return on the investment beforehand. So, we are always aware of the amount at risk and can keep the capital safe from losses.

In any case, currency investments carry multiple investment risks and investors are advised to understand their exposure well before committing investment. For more information please fill the form above and let us contact you.

Who We Are?


Growing money faster with aggressive investment and proven strategies


Providing professional, trustworthy, seamless and objective investment opportunity

What We Do?

We invest in global currency markets with proven strategies and set goals. Investment goals are predefined based on your investment objectives, ROI expectations and other factors. Your investment goals at Finninja can be of any of the following three types:

  • Regular Income
  • Compounded Growth
  • Regular Income + Growth

Based on your goal our investment strategy and return expectations may change. Please understand the strategy carefully before investing.

Invest with Us?

Let us contact you and discuss the investment plans by submiting your contact details above. Alternatively, you can call us directly at the numbers provided below.